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At Walk-In Tub Central, we care about you. We provide high quality walk-in tubs for California residents with limited mobility. Our company boasts the largest selection of walk-in tubs with various features and accessories. All our tubs are designed to meet your comfort, safety, and functional needs. With our wide selection and friendly service, you can have the walk-in bathtub you deserve. Dial (818) 652-6757 to learn more about our products.

Walk-in tubs are not exclusive to those with limited mobility. The disabled, seniors, and people suffering from any pain can all benefit from our bathtubs. Even people with arthritis or Alzheimer's can find comfort. Our bathtub specialists at Walk-In Tub Central have extensive experience in designing and installing walk-in tubs, assuring you professional service.

The all new SS-3053 Walk-In Tub, Our best seller

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We believe you deserve to bathe comfortably. As bathtub experts at Walk-In Tub Central, we understand how inconvenient it can be to lift your legs to get into your shower. Either out of disability or illness, taking a shower can be a hassle. For this reason, we offer you our walk-in tubs. We tailor our designs to make sure your bathtub meets your standards and falls in line with your budget.

We offer a variety of products including:

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Our mission at Walk-In Tub Central of Los Angeles is to make your life easier. Experiencing pain is difficult enough, which is why we offer you our walk-in tubs for a convenient and pleasant bathing experience. Through our friendly service and prompt installation, you can shower at ease again. Schedule a free at-home consultation by contacting us at (818) 652-6757.

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