Walk In Tubs And Getting Your Independence Back

For those that have trouble getting into and out of a standard bathtub, the simple act of bathing every day can be a difficult experience. It can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem to have someone there to help during bath or shower time, and going without a helper can leave you at risk for falls or injury, so you’re stuck in a tough spot. A walk-in tub does away with this stressful situation, however, and helps to give you your confidence back as you can go about your daily grooming activities unassisted and as you wish.

When you need assistance during bath or shower time, you’re also revolving your schedule around someone else. You may get up early and want to jump right in to start your day, but you’re unable because the person you have to help isn’t around. Rather than waiting around and letting the day slip away, a walk-in model allows you the opportunity to start your day on your own terms. You don’t have to wait, you don’t have to be assisted, and you can go about your business independently.

A walk-in tub is a tub with a door and a seat, and it allows you to skip having to do the big step into a slippery bathtub. Rather than risking an injury or waiting for assistance, you can simply open the tub wall door and take a small step right in and onto the non-slip tub floor. Once you’re in, have a comfortable seat, close the door, and start your bathing experience. With shower attachments like a shower wand, you also aren’t resigned to only taking baths, and you can have a sit-down shower with the greatest of ease.

Independence is a big part of our lives, and there is no reason why bathing should have to be a supervised or inconvenient event. With a walk-in tub, you can get your independence back, and put your schedule back into your own control!

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Walk In Bathtub

In order to keep your walk-in tub safe and functional, it will need to be cleaned regularly. A well-maintained walk-in tub is a tub that will last you for many years to come, and you’ll be able to enjoy it bath after bath as it provides you with all the safety you need. We have plenty of ways that you can keep your tub safe and clean, and these are no more difficult to do than your process for washing out a regular tub!

After Your Bath

After each time you use your tub to take a bath or a sit-down shower, we recommend taking the removable showering wand and rinsing out the entirety of the tub using warm water. What this will do is eliminate limescale, soap scum, and other forms of build-up while it’s still fresh, which will save you from having to really scrub later on! Setting the water to warm will help to melt this residue from the tub’s surfaces and send it down the drain where it belongs!

Once A Week Maintenance

Once a week, you’ll want to give your walk-in tub the real washdown. It’s important not to use any wire brushes or steel wool while scrubbing your tub, as this can actually damage the tub’s surface. What you want to do is thoroughly wash all of the surfaces and fixtures of your tub with a mild, nonabrasive, and acrylic friendly cleanser. With the daily or after-each-use rinsing, the process of a full weekly clean should be pretty easy!

Once per month

Your monthly cleaning should consist of a more deep clean than your weekly cleaning, and you’ll want to purge and clean every system, fixture, surface, and a portion of your tub. To do this, fill your tub to around the first jet with warm water, and then turn the water off and add a cup of bleach. With the bleach in the water, turn on the jets and allow them to run for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes is up, turn off the jets and drain the tub. Once the tub is drained, repeat the steps again sans bleach, and allow the clear warm water to clean the dirt, grime, and bleach out of the entire system for a truly fresh and clean experience.

With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can expect your walk-in tub to give you a fantastic and safe experience for many years. Cleaning a walk-in tub is simple, and it’s a short process that makes a really big impact!

3 Reasons You May Want To Invest In A Walk In Bathtub Installation

A walk-in bathtub has quite a few benefits when compared to a standard tub. Walk-in bathtubs allow for both showering and bathing, and there are models to suit any size bathroom or particular tub need. Some may think that their standard bathtub is enough, and investing in a walk-in tub isn’t really necessary, but we’re here to show you the benefits!

3 reasons you may want to invest in a walk-in bathtub installation are:

  • Added safety – A walk-in bathtub provides added safety to any bathroom. With a traditional tub, it takes a pretty big step into a slippery area to get into the tub, but this is taken care of with a walk-in model. Often, walk-in tubs are non-slip, and the wall of the tub can be opened easily, and sealed when closed, so a very small step is all that’s necessary to get right in. The seat located in the walk-in tub allows you to sit down and wash yourself with ease, so slipping is never a big concern.

  • Pain management – Unlike a standard tub, the seat in a walk-in tub also allows for better pain management. Pain conditions such as arthritis, past injuries, and those caused by aging can make standing in a shower or getting in and out of a regular tub difficult, and the seat gives you a simple way to soak your pain away. Warm water is a tried, tested, and proven combatant of pain and your baths can be even more pain-relieving in a walk-in tub.

  • Added relaxation – With jets, you can think of your walk-in tub as your own personal whirlpool, and they can provide added relaxation during your bath time. Stress can be a big bully to your general health, and relieving stress is part of living well. Sitting in your walk-in tub and allowing the jets to do all the work can give you just what you need to lower your blood pressure and keep stress at bay.


If your elderly parent or loved one is living at home, it's important to consider ways you can make their home safer and more comfortable. Walk-In Tub Central is a walk-in bathtub company in Canoga Park with a great selection of accessible bathtubs that can make bathing a safer and more relaxing experience for your loved one.

First, remember the importance of keeping a clean house, as clutter can increase the risk of your elderly loved one falling down. Lighting is another important safety feature of the house, so be sure there is ample bright lighting during the day and evening, and automatic illumination at night for when your elderly loved one.


With the cost of buying and installing a walk-in bath tub bordering ridiculous amounts, many people wonder if it’s really worth it to have one. The fact is that regular bathtubs and shower heads are affordable and easily available even in the supermarket around the corner. Here are 5 reasons why a walk-in bathtub is better that the rest


When people get really old or sick, the only thing they have to hold on to is their dignity. A walk in tub is designed to provide the user with the freedom to enter on their own without help. People with mobility issues and illnesses don’t have to be lifted up and get embarrassed as their peers and kids try to wash them.


The number of people who fall in bathrooms and get injured or even killed while showering is simply staggering. Walk-in bath tubs are designed for optimum safety with non-skid floors, safety grab rails, safe seat and a door seal to keep the water in. The chances of someone falling in a walk-in tub are very slim if it’s even possible.

Aging in place

One of the reasons why the elderly and those with terminal and long-term diseases are taken to assisted homes is because bathing them is very hard and embarrassing. With a custom made walk in tub at home, you don’t have to take anyone to assisted homes because they can just bath themselves and remain safe. The tub makes it possible even for sick people to maintain hygiene at all times and also clean those hard to reach areas and wounds.


Even if you are not sick or old, you can greatly benefit from all the features available in walk-in tubs. Hydrotherapy, chromo therapy and aromatherapy are just some of the services you get to enjoy in these tubs giving you a spa treatment right at home. Tubs from Walk-In Tubs Central have 21 air jets, 6 to 10 water jets and bidet jets to massage and revitalize your whole body.

Numerous health benefits

A walk-in tub has many jets that force water to go to and fro from all sides. As that happens, the water helps you to heal from pain, fatigue, aching muscles, tension, swelling, injuries and other issues. The forceful water helps to improve blood circulation and immunity so you have a better overall health. Apart from all the health and physical benefits you will reap from a walk-in tub, you also add value to the home. Walk-in tubs are the future and every house that has one will be highly sought after.