Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Walk-in Tub?

Walk-in bathtubs or safety tubs are bath tubs with a door built into the side or front of the tub. The user opens the door and walks into the tub or transfers from a wheelchair through the door into the tub. The lip of the tub beneath the door is usually only about 4-6 inches high, making access easier than a conventional tub.

What are the advantages of a Walk-in Tub?

These specialty tubs are manufactured to allow the user to enter the tub without having to lift his/her legs over the side of the tub. Some called step-in tubs, many are also designed for wheelchair users or people who must be moved with a lift.

How do Walk-in Tub doors work?

The door for a walk-in safety bathtub is designed to seal shut so that no water escapes. You walk into the tub, sit down, then close and latch the door. 

What do you need to know when purchasing a Walk-in Tub?

When purchasing a walk-in tub, it is important to get all of the facts and information to ensure you get the right product for your needs

Buy an American built walk-in bathtub from a certified company.

It is important for you to know that your walk-in tub meets US quality standards, and that your installer/contractor is in good standing with the state license board. Many walk-in bath tubs do not meet North American quality standards and license requirements. The last thing you want is a poorly made tub, which can bring more trouble than benefit. You want an American Quality tub for your peace of mind, and for the ability to communicate directly with the maker of the tub, should it be necessary for repairs, upgrades or advice. It is greatly advantageous that your installer and the manufacturer be local and easily accessible if you ever need service or support. Some American Quality walk-in tubs meet most plumbing and electric licensing requirements. It is important to ask suppliers if they have the necessary UPC or UL certifications. Find out about other affiliations, such as BBB or Angie’s List, etc. Once you’ve established the walk-in tub provider as a licensed and top quality company, you can rely upon them to help you find the best tub for your specific needs.

What warranty is granted for your walk-in tub?
Make sure that this lifetime investment comes with warranties or guarantees that will cover your walkin tub. Look for a walk-in bathtub company that offers a lifetime warranty on the door seal, as well as a solid warranty on the tub itself and the systems and hardware. Do not go with a company that offers any less than a 10 year warranty on their walk-in tubs. With a top quality company, in most cases there are very few instances of bodily damage, but it is always good to have a comprehensive warranty on the walk-in tub.

What walk-in tub is the best fit for you?
With the different tub sizes and various features available for walk-in bathtubs today, it is really worthwhile to select the tub that is most suitable for you and your loved-ones. Familiarize yourself with the types of walk-in tubs on the market today. For the utmost comfort, consider your body frame and leg room when selecting a personal walkin bathtub. Depending on your body frame the choice is between a narrow, medium, or wide walk-in tub. Consult with your installer about possible limitations that exist within your bathroom floorplan. Some tub manufacturers offer wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtubs, which have a large entry way that allows users to transfer directly from the seat of a wheelchair onto the seat of the walk-in-tub. This is an excellent walk-in tub option for those who use a wheelchair for mobility.

Why pay ridiculous prices for your tub?

When considering a walk-in tub, one must be careful about prices. Some of the well-known companies and big-box retailers who advertise on television, charge outrageous prices for their products. When possible, take advantage of the opportunity to deal factory-direct, rather than overpaying companies whose advertising campaigns include costly TV time with expensive celebrity hosts. When researching prices, it is important to consider tubs of equal quality, specific features and extras. Some imported poor quality tubs might cost less than an American Quality top quality tub, but the American Quality tubs will last a lifetime AND we’re affordable!

What features best fit your needs and desires in a walk-in tub?

The difference between a basic walk-in bathtub (soaker) to a top of the line tub, equipped with the various features and options available today, can be thousands of dollars. It pays to do some research on the options that will be the most beneficial to you. Here are the options you may consider (see the “Options” page for a more comprehensive description):

· Water Jets (hydrotherapy massage) - Deep tissue massaging water jets, designed to massage muscle groups in your back, legs and feet.

· Air Bubble Jets (air bubble massage) – Like hydrotherapy, but more gentle, the injected air bubbles provide a pleasant massage, which help stimulate blood circulation.

· Dual System (hydro & air) – Both massage systems combined.

· Heater (inline water heater) – Helps maintain water temperature for longer periods.

· Chromatherapy (light.color) – Light helps create a pleasant, soothing ambiance to enhance the bathing experience.

· Aromatherapy (fragrance) – Further enhance relaxation with the release of fragrances.

· Ozone Water Purification – Bath water is sanitized using the natural oxidizing properties of ozone gas.

Installation: How do you find the right installer to install your walk-in tub

It is important to get a walk-in tub installed by someone who is a licensed and reputable professional. A poorly installed walk-in tub can lead to many complications, damage to the bathroom and additional expenses. When selecting a walk-in bathtub installer, make sure to ask about his or her licensing. (In California, ask the contractor for his license number, and check the license with the California State License Board.) If possible, ask to speak to other customers who have had walk-in bathtubs installed by the potential installer. Getting references from an installer is a good way to get insight into his work ethics and job performance. Finding someone with good reviews and with prior experience installing walk-in tubs is preferable. Hire someone who is geographically available for the event that you need additional help or service.

Walk-In Tub Health Benefits

The warm water allows you to relax and ease arthritis pain. This makes a Walk-in Tub an easy and effective treatment for arthritis. 
A Walk-in tub is a great home remedy for diabetes. It's been reported that using a walk-in tubs, with therapeutic air and water massage options, have helped patients with type II diabetes reduce their blood sugar levels by a significant amount. 
One of the most difficult tasks that patients with Alzheimer's experience is bathing. A walk-in tub is a great solution to the various challenges related to bathing.

Heart Health
A walk-in tub could provide long-term benefits to the heart by lowering blood pressure and raising the heart rate. This is known to improve heart stamina and overall strength.

Sleep Disorders
Not getting adequate amounts of sleep can have a negative effect on our well-being. Most people find that using a walk-in-tub can help to fall asleep faster and easier.

Stress Reduction
Using a walk-in tub can help greatly to cope with, and to reduce the amount of stress that we experience. And as research has shown, less stress is essential for better physical and mental health.

Why is a bath heater necessary on my jetted bathtub?
Unfortunately, the same mixture of air and water that makes a jetted tub so pleasurable, also causes the water to cool down. A tub with a bath heater eliminates the rapid cooling of the water, providing you with a constant balance of soothing hot water. The longer the water stays at the proper temperature, the more you enjoy your bathing experience.

How does a heater save energy?
Without an inline water heater you’re forced to continually add more hot water to your bath as soon as you feel it is becoming too cold. This usually means draining some cooler bath water to make room for the added hot water, causing you to use more water and more energy to be used by your home's water heater. Over time, the savings in both energy and water consumption, using a bath heater can be substantial, and far exceed the cost of the heater.

Think about it; would you ever consider heating your coffee water to the correct temperature using your hair dryer? Look for the Certified Real Heat™ seal on your bath heater to be sure you are getting the absolute most for your jetted tub investment.